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Published: 07th February 2011
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If you've been following in addition to my articles around the Isagenix Cleanse you'll know that I used to be not quite sold on the product or service in the first few days.

Well, it's day 19 today i have to say, as tough because it is some days to keep on track, the benefits of the cleanse happen to be paying off in ways Some even expect.

If someone makes waves with your arms and also the "going back in time" sound effect I'm able to take you on an instant background journey.

Me: aged 44, mom of two, recently divorced, sometimes athlete, overweight.

Hmm, that could be a bit too brief.

Like women I woke up eventually and noticed that I used to be getting pretty fat. The initial hint as the tightening in the pants. That should probably have been a awaken call but I assume it just wasn't compelling enough that i can take action. Dang.

The really big awaken was a photo I saw of myself running. I knew that I'd gained a couple pounds but I tossed the size the day I had to go out of my house, without having help from my ex...oops, avoid getting me started down that road. I believe that'll end up in your blog at some point.;)

Anyway, the photo was brutal! I believed I looked ok despite having a bit of junk inside the trunk. I'm start to view this period as my "reverse anorexia" days. (months?)

You understand, you think you look alright. The mirror is apparently kind but then the truth is a photo and think "good lord! When did this happen??"

Coincidentally a fantastic friend had just started the Isagenix cleanse and was texting me daily with your ex "I've lost 4lbs and 6"" Towards the end of her Thirty day intro cleanse she'd dropped almost 20lbs and 14"! Yikes! I believed with a 14" drop my lovely, lonely clothes would fit again.

I used to be hooked.

I started the cleanse 19 days ago and possess lost 13lbs and 11". Serious.

I'm not going to say this has been a cake walk though the best description I've heard is "it's manageable".

It's certainly easier than Wild Rose or various other "cleanses" that send you scrambling for the toilet with no notice.

Overall I'm lovin' the Isa experience. I've joined being an associate so that Let me tell others about what Isagenix is doing for me. If people have considered trying it based on my experience than hell yeah, I'll sell it off to them!

I've still got 11 days to be the cleanse and I'm likely to do a 9 day on a monthly basis until I reach come about weight.

Busy girls that balance jobs, kids, finances, dating, life all are most often in a similar boat. We sometimes feel like we're the sole ones who have 15lbs to get rid of. We're not morbidly obese, we are really not fanatical exercise fiends, we're just looking to figure it all out.

I've designed a blog to talk about all of the junk that weighs us down and causes us to stand in our own way.

I can't candy-coat much and have a tell-it-like-it-is style that a lot of people really enjoy (this article is objective somewhat)

For more information on Isagenix Cleanse go to My Cleansing Diet Site

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